Collection: Wellness Scents

As part of making intentional candles I wanted to focus on the safety of our environments and make conscious efforts to make candles that benefit your physical and mental well being. Introducing: wellness fragrances.

These fragrances have been formulated with technology to create a function (or many) designed to enhance your mood and overall well-being

Fragrances can make us feel so many emotions like happy, calm, excited and have you ever smelled something and been immediately transported back to a fond memory? Things like…smells like a family trip…

The benefits and memories a fragrance can evoke is why I wanted to be very intentional with the candles I make.

Our wellness fragrances do one or many functions including specific elements:

FRESH: eliminating bad odours

BOOST: boosting energy, improving focus and your overall well being and

PURE: anti bacterial / anti-viral properties.

Look out for the “wellness” logo on the scents that offer this and read the description to learn even more about the different functions each scent has.