About me

About me

In my natural habitat with my pup Frankie, wearing a turtleneck and drinking coffee out of my favourite mug. You’ll find me at the local farmers market every Sunday in Leslieville, I head to a small bookstore in my neighbourhood when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I love brunch, dog friendly breweries, I can’t stop buying blush and I stop and smell every candle I see. I don’t know what my style is but there are very specific things that I absolutely love or am a hard no to, otherwise, anything goes.

Every new candle I make becomes my favourite and I’m always testing new scents. The scents are inspired by many things…my mood, past and future travel, the ocean, drinks in dim-lit pubs with friends and a cozy bright home.

I’m grateful for everyone here and can’t wait to continue evolving my brand and sharing new ideas with you (and constantly asking for your feedback)

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